Dip Molding Consulting

Consulting Services for Customers with Autonomous Latex Dip Molding Operations

Some middle to large size medical device manufacturers still retain their own in-house latex dip molding operations that they wish to maintain and improve, rather than outsource. As most of the latex dip molding industry is no longer in the United States, it is more difficult for those with internal dip molding operations to obtain the resources they need to maintain high quality and economic operations. In many cases, the original developers of a company’s operations are no longer involved and newer personnel may be helped with an infusion of outside expert advice. Apex’s knowledge of medical device related latex dip molding operations is quite extensive and is among the limited number of US based entities willing to consult in this area.

Apex has been focused on dip molding of latex and latex-free medical devices since its inception in 1985, and maintains its vast knowledge and insight with respect to the dip molding of medical devices and/or components. So, to support those entities that do not wish to outsource their existing operations, yet can benefit from insightful consulting, Apex is available to assist. Appropriate issues for consulting include defect analysis and prevention, latex-compounding, dip molding processing, curing technology, process improvement, formulation development, shelf life issues, new raw material handling and the like.

Apex consultants can review existing manufacturing operations and suggest improvements. Apex can also offer formulation advice along with the associated research and development support. This relationship generally works best when all parties are committed to an on-going relationship. Apex generally only undertakes longer term assignments.

Please feel free to contact Apex today to further explore this option.






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