Apex offers a wide selection of dip molding materials to satisfy a range of applications.  Our unique Hi-Touch™ line of synthetic polymers provides many desirable features which are free of natural rubber latex. 

Apex also possesses proprietary technologies which allow for unique dip processing capabilities.  These technologies result in valuable qualities such as uniform wall thickness, powder-free components, thin walls, and adaptability to coating applications, as well as a wide range of dimensional capabilities, shapes, and textures.  We also possess electronic pinhole testing capabilities.

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Apex specializes in the dipping of the following materials:

Synthetic Polyisoprene
Synthetic polyisoprene is a thermo-set cross-linked material which can be cured to achieve properties similar to those of natural rubber latex, such that it could be used as a direct replacement.

The advantages of using synthetic polyisoprene in dip molded medical device components are:

  • Biocompatibility
    • The chemical structure of the synthetic polyisoprene is nearly identical to that produced naturally by rubber trees, but does not contain any proteins, thus preventing Type I allergies
    • The lack of proteins combined with Apex’s curing technology results in components being produced without the possibility of forming nitrosamines
    • For critical applications, Apex’s curing technology makes it possible to formulate polyisoprene such that it is free of traditional rubber curative chemicals which have been implicated in Type IV latex allergies
  • Physical Properties
    • Ultimate elongation between 700% and 1100%
    • 100% tensile modulus between 50 and 100 psi
    • Ultimate tensile strength up to 5000 psi
    • Low tensile set values
  • Many different compounding techniques can be used to tailor the properties of the polyisoprene to those needed for a given application
  • Ability to achieve clarity and/or powder-free products
  • Accommodation of a wide range of component geometries and thicknesses
  • Electrical and heat resistance

Our line of polyurethanes offers a wide range of properties, including:

  • Dipped Film Attributes
    • Heat and solvent bondability
    • Thin walls with high strength
    • Non-sensitizing/Non-allergenic
    • Odorless and tasteless
    • Water clear to translucent white
    • Excellent biocompatibility/implant-grade materials available
    • Significantly improved shelf-life
    • Non-porous continuous film
    • Resistant to attack from oils
    • High moisture vapor transmission rates
    • Suitable for gamma sterilization
  • Wall thicknesses down to 0.0005 inches
  • Physical Properties
    • Ultimate elongation between 370% and 710%
    • 100% tensile modulus between 290 and 1480 psi
    • Ultimate tensile strength up to 9000 psi
    • Relatively low tensile set values

Able to achieve thin films and high tensile strengths, relative to traditional cure methods, using our Peroxide Cure System.  Use of the cure system allows us to avoid pot-life issues typically associated with traditional silicone dip curing.

  • Dipped Film Attributes
    • Odorless and tasteless
    • Water clear to translucent white
    • Excellent biocompatibility/implant-grade materials available
    • Excellent shelf life, stability and resistance to degradation
    • Non-porous continuous film
    • High water vapor and gas permeability
    • Suitable for gamma sterilization
    • Wall thicknesses down to 0.001 inches
    • Excellent heat resistance
    • Good electrical resistance
  • Physical Properties
    • Ultimate elongation up to 900%
    • 100% tensile modulus typically at 50 psi
    • Ultimate tensile strength up to 1500 psi
    • Excellent tensile set values

Low cost in volume applications, tough, can be clear or colored, high elongations achievable.

Miscellaneous Thermoplastic Elastomers and Polymers
We are capable of dipping a wide variety of polymers.  Please contact us for more information.

Natural Rubber Latex
Natural rubber latex has excellent physical properties.  Through our proprietary Curing Technology, we are able to produce rubber parts that are accelerator- and nitrosamine-free. 
A low protein natural rubber latex is also available.

Apex stands ready to aid in the development of your dip molded components.  If our
Hi-Touch™ line of polymers does not satisfy your needs, Apex will strive to develop one
to fulfill your exact requirements.

Contact us today for more information, or complete our online Prototyping Quote Request Form.














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