Dip Molding

Apex specializes in thin-wall elastomeric dip molding, prototyping, and production-size jobs. We have vast experience with many non-latex materials including synthetic polyisoprene, thermoplastic polyurethane, and silicone. See our full list of materials for more information.

Apex has many separate batch-style dip molding machines ranging from smaller prototyping machines to large volume, computer-controlled production machines to satisfy a wide range of needs.  We are also capable of dip molding parts in cleanroom environments.

Dip molding is applicable in many different industries:

Historically, Apex has prototyped and in some cases entered into full-scale production of the following medical device components: catheter balloons, stent covers, probe covers, bellows, tubes, diaphragms, sleeves, breather bags, drapes, gloves, condoms, dental dams, and tissue collection sacks.  See our Products & Services page for more information.

Other Industries with Similar Applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Hollywood
  • Sporting
  • Consumer

Dip coating on substrate materials using our preferred materials is also available.


Read more about our tooling and materials.



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